FAQ’s Q.   My Neem Oil hardened up in the bottle.  Did it go bad? A.   No, it did not go bad.  Neem oil tends to get into a solid like consistency when stored in temperatures below 65 degrees, much like natural Honey does.  If this should happen, simply insert the bottle in a container of warm water for a little while until it liquefies once again. Q.   How does Neem Oil work and how does it affect insects? A.   Many insects are repelled by the smell & taste of the active natural ingredients in Neem Oil.  Most insects tend to avoid plants treated with Neem Oil.  Some insects even die shortly after ingesting plants treated with Neem Oil.  Further, some insects ability to lay eggs is reduced or stopped all together from the effects of Neem Oil.   Q.   I don't have a sprayer, how do I apply the Neem Oil to my plants? A.   Most home & garden stores and some grocery stores sell spray bottles.  However, if you cannot get a spray bottle in time, just mix the Neem Oil with water as per the instructions on the bottle.  Dip a fine, flexible straw brush into the mixture & apply a light coat to the plant by simply shaking the brush over the plant until the areas to be treated are moistened. Q.   When is the best time to apply Neem Oil to my outdoor plants? A.   Applying it in direct sunlight or shortly before the treated plant will be exposed to direct sunlight is NOT recommended.  It is best to apply Neem Oil just after sunset.  This will give the Neem Oil time to dry on the plant before the sun rises and shines directly on your plant.  Also, if it should rain within four hours of applying the Neem Oil, repeat the application. Q.   How often do I apply Neem Oil to my plants. A.   This really depends on the extent of insect infestation and/or the amount of leaf shine that you desire.  Typically every day or two for a fourteen day period is what we see as optimum. Q.   I see Neem Oil advertised as a health & beauty aid.  Is this Neem Oil the same thing? A.   Neem Oil is indeed advertised as a health & beauty aid.  However, we do NOT recommend using our Neem Oil for internal or external use on humans or animals.  The Neem Oil in those advertised products have gone thru various processing that our Neem Oil has not gone thru and those products typically have additives that our 100% Pure and organic Neem Oil does not have in it.  We recommend that you always make sure that the FDA has approved anything that you ingest and/or apply to your skin.